Schnauzers for You

Oh Give Thanks unto the Lord for He is good; for 
His mercy endureth forever.  Psalms 136:1
My dogs are AKC Registered Miniature Schnauzers some 
come with Multi-Champions Pedigree

They are wonderful pets.   Great with children 
and have dynamic personalities.

Who could not love faces like these?

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face. 
 ~Ben Williams
Love, patience, training and time. 

 Guaranteed to give you the best unconditional friend you ever had.

Miniature Schnauzers are fast learners, loyal and lots and lots of fun...
Say Cheez...
"A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself."
--Josh Billings

Connie Hager
Lilly  is my "watchdog" who's here? .  She doesn't miss letting us know someone is in the yard or driveway.  First to welcome you each morning. 
Bailey  "loyal" laid back female.  She loves to be the first to jump up on the couch for snuggles.  Babysits all the puppies and rumbles and tumbles with them all. Obedient lady too!

Annabelle   "Hudini" at 8 weeks old would find away out of the puppy playpen, and now finds a way into the main play yard  Sneaky lil girl.  She is a climber and will scale the fence to get where she wants to go.  Then bark because no one else is there to play. 

Meet the Pack

Toby "Romancer" loves all the girls and vice versa. He is patient, loving and Mr. Chill.  A race each night to see who gets to spend time in his crate at night.  
Barkley "Goofy Jethro"  his nick name around here.  Most beautiful coat of all the dogs.  Antagonizes the girls every day...regardless of the season.
Sofie  "Mischief" Loves toys and likes to tear up anything that has stuffing.  Chases all the dogs and loves to grab all the toys.  Beautiful SP thick hair.  This year will be her first litter of Puppies.  Hopeful in the Fall 2019.